User# 1 Stepmother Fantasy

One of my biggest requests online..and fantasy role play (which I have tons of   this stories  ) Is stepmother role play. I’m a webcam model in my 30’s so of course I  am ideal for MILF like fantasies . I am not complaining . I enjoy role play and this one is always hot and steamy .

What you are about to read was a real life online show between a paying member and myself.

I just got ready for my day,picked out my outfit a sexy thigh length pink satin robe .It felt  so smooth against my tan lines.My  clear 6 inch heels  made my pedicured feet shiny and smooth  against the webcam lights ….. I had my long blonde hair up in a loose bun .

I logged into my account and talked to a few members in free chat . One member was interested if I did step mother role play … (the site I work for strictly doesn’t allow us to do incense role play )

“oh yes hun ….” I say right away . “Its one of my top role play requests.”….a few seconds later the ding of my new private show is about to start .

User: hi … can we play  that you came into my room and caught me smelling your panties ?

me : ok naughty boy …… (and immediately go into character ) WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY ROOM !

user: im so embarrassed, I wont do it again .


user: im so hard , Im sorry .

ME: LET ME SEE ..YOUR JOKING!….YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF  ! ( i play out like im looking at it  and pleasantly surprised with a smile when i see it )WOW YOUR SO BIG .. YOUR BIGGER THAN YOUR FATHER.

user:  i dont know what to do with it

Me: let me help you with that…would like to smell the panties I have on right now? ( with a naughty smile on my face )

user: yes please:

me: smell it ( i act like im grabbing the back of his head and pulling his head gentle between my legs and i tilt my head back )

user: it smells so good

me: go ahead and let me feel that young tongue on my panties ( I start rubbing the panties with my fingers) get them wet hun a good boy for your stepmom .

user: can i get inside it ?

me: can you keep a secret? ( i put my index finger up to my lips to motion him to stay quite) shhhhhhhh….

user: yes ma’am Ill be a good boy

me:pull my panties off then ( i pull them off slowly, so he can visualize every inch of my mature thighs and every drop of   the  wetness in between them )

user: ohhh. ive been waiting so long for this .. I have been jerking off to you every night teasing me with your tight shirts and your short skirts when you bend over

me; come here baby, feel me ( I spread my juicy thighs open and grab a dildo and insert it slowly and moan from the hard pressure and the spread of my love)

User: faster I want to cum in you PLEASE1 i want to get you pregnant , dads going to be so mad

me: YOUR YOUNG COCK FEELS SO GOOD ! ( I scream it and move it faster then faster over and over again moaning loader with each inch inside me …I repeat this for a few minutes till he feels he has given it all he could )

User : im cumming !!

me : get your step mom pregnant  ( i moan and give it a few more stokes with my toy)

user : wow i just came everywhere (then he tipped me 10 dollars )

me : thank you baby,

user: thank you i will be back


He logged off …and I continued my day online .



Best webcam toys…. webcamming starter pack- Female Nude Models

So every webcam model should be prepared as much as possible to her/his show … problem is can you really be prepared ?? The true answer is no .

But a started pack will help you go along way ..some items you might already own and some will probably be new to you..Having a few of these items have got me through a few years of webcamming .(ok webcamming is supposedly not a word)..but It is now ..hahahh.

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If you plan on doing anal shows , I suggest you use a toy that will solely  be used for this part of the show.. and one that doesnt have a large “head” makes anal shows less painful or irritating. as well as a anal butt plug.Jewel ones are currently popular online

. Jewel Butt plug ($21 dollars )


also Nylon fetishes are a big deal in the webcamming  world  …so stock up on stockings!!!

Now outfits are another important aspect…But that will be based on what you feel sexy in and what your special members might request .

But all those toys for less than $100 USD will get you far. With the webcamming start up pack!!!

(Now view previous post of the equipment needed to start up )…..have a great day everyone .













user # 1 Macrophilia Fantasy (aka giantesses) Role-playing a Female Giant…

Before I start this true story and his fetish .It was webcam that introduced me to so many fetishes that men/woman/couples have . Im grateful for the opportunity to have  people express themselves with me and their desires. This particular fantasy is always fun for me to role play….. with no future ado come into my room and explore the world of giantesses ………..


The ding came in around 5:50pm my time and it had been a slower than usual hour so that sound of an online private made me happy. What I was about to be told I would have not imagined was a fantasy.


User: hello my name is ******* and I have a strange request , so please let me know if you can do it .

Me : (thinking to myself oh this is going to interesting) sure hun tell me .( I smile in the cam and lean back to wait for the responds of the user.i brushed the long blonde hair back and forth on my back slowly)

User: ok so my fantasy is your a giant and not only that I want you to crush stuff with your huge feet and other body parts..and at the very end will you pretend to pick me up and eat me  …can you do that?

Me: yes hun i will be your giant (my brain starting thinking of how do I pull this off and then it just came to me …. I moved the camera to the floor  and tilted my webcam up and I stood over it ….. I begun to walk back and  forth..I looked enormous !!!!!!!!!!

user: wow yes !

Me: (in my head for some reason I was in a fairy tale and i was about to crush a village ..don’t ask me why..but its always a village I think of first when I think of a a low tone I say ) IM ABOUT TO CRUSH THIS CITY AND IM SURE HUNGRY FOR SOME TASTY MEN ( I rub my large gigantic stomach… circular motion and lick my larger than life lips  )

user : do you have anything to crush ? I will wait ..the more noise the better cause i love the sound that bones might be crunching underneath you ,

me:(in my low voice for the rest of this private show ) YES… LET ME GET THEM( I had to be out of view to retrieve some items for just about one minute …but I came back with …small boxes .. empty soda tomato  and gummy bear..I showed him my items  )

User: your turning me on so much  I can barely stand it

me:( sets down  3 empty Pepsi cans  on the ground )I AM ABOUT TO CRUSH ALL OF YOU LITTLE TINY VILLAGE PEOPLE WITH MY HUGE BODY. (I raise my foot what looks like it  was high enough to crush a skyscraper and down it went like I weighed 1 millions pounds, the soda can crunched like  the hundreds of bones in a human body .snapping ,cracking under the giants goddesses feet ) YES I WILL CRUSH YOU ALL.. ( and smashed another one)

USER: DO IT AGAIN ..WOW…that sound and visual .

ME:  ( I put a towel down and  I put another can of soda on the ground with the can upside down for no sharp edges  as well as the tomato ,  I turn around so that my ass which appears to be larger that an NFL stadium bend down towards the ground , I let my feet go forward and allow the heavy weight of the  giantesses ass destroy and crush anything underneath it ….. the sound of cracking and the sound of  gushing to add to the effect would turn him on so much …I got up and he saw the juices dripping from my giant ass ) NO ONE CAN HANDLE ALL THIS ! I’M BIGGER AND MORE POWERFUL  THAN YOU …YOU ARE POWERLESS TO ME !

user:  yes yes that its i cant hold it anymore i’m going to cum please eat me ..

me : ( i pull out a gummy bear and shape it real fast , I grab my camera as well as if he is being picked up and I have him traveling up my large body , pretending his is trying to wiggle out my giant hands ) DON’T YOU TRY TO ESCAPE I NEED TO EAT MY DELICIOUS HUMANS AND YOU LOOK TASTY .( I make it a slow process to travel all the way up my body  over the largest canal…..then the flat lands till he traveled over the large mountains.. till he  could feel the warmth of my  giant open  mouth . I opened really wide as if i’m about to swallow him .He can see my mouth and any imperfection in my teeth..I insert the deformed  gummy bear in my mouth ..  He can see the details of it being destroyed and grinding in my teeth ..all the while crushing the small cardboard box out of his site  .. the visual fades to pure black   as the webcam  zooms to the back of the throat .

User : I came so hard , I will be back .thank you .


He logs off  and I did as well . I took a quick  shower  before I went back online for the night , preposition my camera ,cleaned up and logged back on .  Needless to stay …he was a repeated customer for over a year. Those role plays are fun and creative. I sometimes need to take a shower after all the things I crush with my body and for other reasons as well  .

If you enjoyed my story on this fetish . I have more of this particular fetish  to share .Leave a comment .



user # 1 pleasing the woman

the private ding came into my room online …signaling I had a member ready to play


user : hello

me: hi hun how are you?

user:im good now

(i smile and thank him for the compliment )

me:what are you in the mood for ?I will please you anyway I can

user: I really just want to please you (instant turn on for me .I can feel my body reacting to that sentence alone )

me : would you like me to get my toys?

user: only if you want

me: (reaching for my vibrator ..i turn it on and seduce him with it by placing it next to every body part i reveal to him tan thighs rubbing lighty against the vibration till it lands in the inner core of my southern lips) you like that?

user: wow yes !

me: (i start playing with me large chest …first squeezing them hard while rocking back and forth on my toy…i squeeze my warm big chest together and start licking my left nipple with my warm wet mouth ……..a few minutes later after intense rubbing and repeating the cycles of making love to myself………….)im ready to cum all over you!!!!!! (im screaming and moaning )

user:   do it baby Im ready too

Me: ( I burst with sensations running down the thigh….followed by complete exhaustion ) ohhh my god hun..thank you !!!!!

user: thank you hun, your the best thanks for the show.

he logged of private chat…..i logged off too..simple to take a break and recharge my body for the next show…sometimes it amazes me that I get paid to please myself …not complaining at all with those shows .

camgirl tip of the day

ok so my number 1 question i get is this  …..

what do you do during your period ?help me please.


you have a few options and do what works for you.

1st – you can opt out of working during that time ….but since many do not have the luxury of doing this …

2nd – tampons and inserting it higher inside the vaginal wall with the string.(don’t insert so far up you cant get it later)It can be tricky if you are doing vaginal toys with your shows…in that case pretending to insert and hiding that secret by body positioning is possible….

3rd- dont do vaginal shows that week.opt to do fetishes or other parts of your body…

4th- menstrual cups ..they work for some woman and can use certain toys with no problem .(click picture to order)

5th-.vaginal sponges (click picture to order)

6th- and last option for this post is birth control methods that are know to stop periods.please consult a doctor about this first.


and thats the post on the dreaded period week.hope that helps…leave a comment or idea below .

relationship advice October

understand where you are with everything… what cant you tolerate and tolerate .

what is your worth ? its never what someone says……. its what they show you..words are simply vibrations coming out ones mouth.

Love is never said …real love is shown. So the conclusion,take away the words……listen only to their actions …and it will be clear.

User #1 ..sissy fag

user number 1# (based on true events, no member will ever be revealed )

my room had amazing lighting for my webcam show . Tonight i like how my light pink teddy outfit and green eyes could shine in great detail. The Roman themed room with gold sheets on my bed and the white pillars on each side of the matress with fake ferns that ran down the aged pilliars to give more of  a gladiator fantasy background.The sound on my laptop alerted me i had a paying customer coming in to my private room online:

User: hi sexy

me: Hi honey how are you?

user: I’m good now

me: whats your name ?

user : you can call me sissy fag

(i thought to myself ok this is going to be interesting..i had only been working on this site for a few months and still new to so many things)

me:are you a titty man or a ass man? ( i always ask that question so i know what part of my body to concentrate on for the best arousal out of my members ..but he didnt answer)

me:ok sissy fag what fo you have in mind ?

user:you want to see me ?

me:yes turn on your webcam

(I like when they elect to turn their cam on it usually means they want to interact more with me and I can make more money .plus it helps me to make sure they are not obviously recording me….also the visual is nice sometimes 🙂

===the user turns on his webcam and my body goes stiff..what I see.. I wasn’t prepared for .=====

he is the bathroom , a longer than usual bathrooms ,like a old hall with a white toilet.He had his wecam setting on black and white visual like a old television set .

He was placed far away from the camera when it turned on , all the way at the end of the lengthy  room and looked like the girl from the horror movie “The Ring”.

he had a long wig that went down the lower part of his back and covered his face , his black dark hair was apparent and looked stressed in texture.His old fashion dress had ruffles on the shoulders and ruffles by the knees almost pilgram attire .

all i was thinking was HOLY SHIT! i need to click off faster than a hummingbird can move its wings.But i was frozen.I was convinced in that mment this man is going to come thru my laptop and do demonic things to me .

he started walking slowly up to the camera ……

User:you like my dress?

me:(oh shit its talking to me , my hands were shaking )

yes its lovely (i ha a slight lump in my throat)

User: i want you to call me a sissy fag and degrade me

me :(i was thinking as long as you dont come thru my laptop I wil say whatever you want me to say)

sure sissy fag you ready ?

user : not yet (he goes and gets a wooden chair and places it in the center of the long bathroom so i can get a full visual of him)

look what ive got  (he also shows me a large dildo and a fluffy fur like purse and a fairy wand . He places the large dildo on the chair and lifts up his knee high dress and inserts it into his anus without difficulty ,He continues to jump up and down on it facing me while having his hands facing me like a begging puppy with the wand in one hand and the fuzzy purse in the other.)

User:degrade me

me:use it, like the little slut you are

user:yes (he is moaning and going hard up and down on the toy)yes!! yes!!!

me: (all of a sudden with the treat of him not coming through my computer was gone ) you piece of shit sissy boy ,Take it you fairy !!!you will never be a woman ! look how you fuck that toy !!like  a true piece of shit !!fuck you fairy ! or i will hit you with your girly wand…Harder!!( he never cared to see me do anything he just wanted me to watch him and degrade him for about 5 minutes of more verbal abuse..until he finally came and he  logged out of his private show )


I logged off online as well. I looked around my room real fast just to double check for spirits and mentally process that experience .

I called my youngest sister. She was a stay at home mom and usually was always available to take a phone call if she knew the person calling her didnt mind the noise of kids being loud in the background. She picked up …

I told her the story……then there was dead silence for a few seconds.Then the burst of laughter initiated till she could barely breath anymore.She said tears came to her eyes”oh man, that is one of the funniest things I’ve heard in a long time “she said.Its true my conversations are not always typical topics and I know she likes the break in the day with my calls …either to have some adult talk of maybe to appreciate a 3 year olds innocent conversations   .

I got off the phone with her a few minutes later..and logged back into my webcam site.Thinking the whole rest of the day how did I end up here…hahhah..







ready to be a webcam model?

 Alright finally some real talk for future or current models..welcome !!.


i will like to apologize in advance for an spelling errors/grammar you will see…lol..and you will see them!!!

But what you wont see is Bullshit about this lifestyle and i do not sugar coat things .Im pretty real about questions and answers.. SOOOOOOOOOOO lets start!! Excited to learn more ?? great ..lets begin .


ready to become a webcam model? ok first find a site that pays you well. (most sites take a commission ) current models please post below in comments what site you work on or have worked on to help the new models pick the site they want to be on .Thanks in advance !!


ok dont skip to comments yet!! cause you need more information .

when I started I just wanted a site that pays me the highest commission ..the problem with that is…. you might not have traffic (paying customers) find a site that provides both is so important  .. find a site that has been around for awhile and read reviews on the site your interested in once you narrowed down your selection …

ok ..lets say you found the site you like ..

you need to apply ..dont worry they don’t base it on looks . but you must be at least 18 and you can be 180 years old for all they care. (there is a fetish for all ages ) but you must be able to prove your age with any real webcam site.

Ok your at least 18..and you are approved to work on that site.Time to go shopping …… just click on the pictures to start shopping. Your welcome .

laptop/computer (a core i7 processor is great and required for some sites )click on picture for the best deals I found ..

with high speed is needed..also a great webcam .( Logitech 920 ,great webcam   click on picture to see the best prices on webcam ) and is used for many sites and ..cost around $60 USD.  also need lighting ..a simple 3 bulb adjustable lamp would work..(25 dollars and up )here is a few ideas click on picture

dont forget outfits !! do you hun whatever you feel sexy in …but amazon is a great place to find very affordable clothes for camming.


My personal favorite webcam site is . I never had any major issues with the site and traffic is great ..commission starts out low at 30% and usually max’s at 60% if you reach $2500 per pay period .. (average every 15 days per pay period ) to reach a little higher commission rate is based not really on performance etc..its referring members ..but they do have some amazing extra ways to make money with video contest and things like that !! check them out its one of the top webcam sites and been around for along time . I will take more about that site later.


ok …..have questions lets blog about it ..have advise lets talk about it…see you tomorrow!!!!