User #1 ..sissy fag

user number 1# (based on true events, no member will ever be revealed )

my room had amazing lighting for my webcam show . Tonight i like how my light pink teddy outfit and green eyes could shine in great detail. The Roman themed room with gold sheets on my bed and the white pillars on each side of the matress with fake ferns that ran down the aged pilliars to give more of  a gladiator fantasy background.The sound on my laptop alerted me i had a paying customer coming in to my private room online:

User: hi sexy

me: Hi honey how are you?

user: I’m good now

me: whats your name ?

user : you can call me sissy fag

(i thought to myself ok this is going to be interesting..i had only been working on this site for a few months and still new to so many things)

me:are you a titty man or a ass man? ( i always ask that question so i know what part of my body to concentrate on for the best arousal out of my members ..but he didnt answer)

me:ok sissy fag what fo you have in mind ?

user:you want to see me ?

me:yes turn on your webcam

(I like when they elect to turn their cam on it usually means they want to interact more with me and I can make more money .plus it helps me to make sure they are not obviously recording me….also the visual is nice sometimes 🙂

===the user turns on his webcam and my body goes stiff..what I see.. I wasn’t prepared for .=====

he is the bathroom , a longer than usual bathrooms ,like a old hall with a white toilet.He had his wecam setting on black and white visual like a old television set .

He was placed far away from the camera when it turned on , all the way at the end of the lengthy  room and looked like the girl from the horror movie “The Ring”.

he had a long wig that went down the lower part of his back and covered his face , his black dark hair was apparent and looked stressed in texture.His old fashion dress had ruffles on the shoulders and ruffles by the knees almost pilgram attire .

all i was thinking was HOLY SHIT! i need to click off faster than a hummingbird can move its wings.But i was frozen.I was convinced in that mment this man is going to come thru my laptop and do demonic things to me .

he started walking slowly up to the camera ……

User:you like my dress?

me:(oh shit its talking to me , my hands were shaking )

yes its lovely (i ha a slight lump in my throat)

User: i want you to call me a sissy fag and degrade me

me :(i was thinking as long as you dont come thru my laptop I wil say whatever you want me to say)

sure sissy fag you ready ?

user : not yet (he goes and gets a wooden chair and places it in the center of the long bathroom so i can get a full visual of him)

look what ive got  (he also shows me a large dildo and a fluffy fur like purse and a fairy wand . He places the large dildo on the chair and lifts up his knee high dress and inserts it into his anus without difficulty ,He continues to jump up and down on it facing me while having his hands facing me like a begging puppy with the wand in one hand and the fuzzy purse in the other.)

User:degrade me

me:use it, like the little slut you are

user:yes (he is moaning and going hard up and down on the toy)yes!! yes!!!

me: (all of a sudden with the treat of him not coming through my computer was gone ) you piece of shit sissy boy ,Take it you fairy !!!you will never be a woman ! look how you fuck that toy !!like  a true piece of shit !!fuck you fairy ! or i will hit you with your girly wand…Harder!!( he never cared to see me do anything he just wanted me to watch him and degrade him for about 5 minutes of more verbal abuse..until he finally came and he  logged out of his private show )


I logged off online as well. I looked around my room real fast just to double check for spirits and mentally process that experience .

I called my youngest sister. She was a stay at home mom and usually was always available to take a phone call if she knew the person calling her didnt mind the noise of kids being loud in the background. She picked up …

I told her the story……then there was dead silence for a few seconds.Then the burst of laughter initiated till she could barely breath anymore.She said tears came to her eyes”oh man, that is one of the funniest things I’ve heard in a long time “she said.Its true my conversations are not always typical topics and I know she likes the break in the day with my calls …either to have some adult talk of maybe to appreciate a 3 year olds innocent conversations   .

I got off the phone with her a few minutes later..and logged back into my webcam site.Thinking the whole rest of the day how did I end up here…hahhah..







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