user # 1 Macrophilia Fantasy (aka giantesses) Role-playing a Female Giant…

Before I start this true story and his fetish .It was webcam that introduced me to so many fetishes that men/woman/couples have . Im grateful for the opportunity to have  people express themselves with me and their desires. This particular fantasy is always fun for me to role play….. with no future ado come into my room and explore the world of giantesses ………..


The ding came in around 5:50pm my time and it had been a slower than usual hour so that sound of an online private made me happy. What I was about to be told I would have not imagined was a fantasy.


User: hello my name is ******* and I have a strange request , so please let me know if you can do it .

Me : (thinking to myself oh this is going to interesting) sure hun tell me .( I smile in the cam and lean back to wait for the responds of the user.i brushed the long blonde hair back and forth on my back slowly)

User: ok so my fantasy is your a giant and not only that I want you to crush stuff with your huge feet and other body parts..and at the very end will you pretend to pick me up and eat me  …can you do that?

Me: yes hun i will be your giant (my brain starting thinking of how do I pull this off and then it just came to me …. I moved the camera to the floor  and tilted my webcam up and I stood over it ….. I begun to walk back and  forth..I looked enormous !!!!!!!!!!

user: wow yes !

Me: (in my head for some reason I was in a fairy tale and i was about to crush a village ..don’t ask me why..but its always a village I think of first when I think of a a low tone I say ) IM ABOUT TO CRUSH THIS CITY AND IM SURE HUNGRY FOR SOME TASTY MEN ( I rub my large gigantic stomach… circular motion and lick my larger than life lips  )

user : do you have anything to crush ? I will wait ..the more noise the better cause i love the sound that bones might be crunching underneath you ,

me:(in my low voice for the rest of this private show ) YES… LET ME GET THEM( I had to be out of view to retrieve some items for just about one minute …but I came back with …small boxes .. empty soda tomato  and gummy bear..I showed him my items  )

User: your turning me on so much  I can barely stand it

me:( sets down  3 empty Pepsi cans  on the ground )I AM ABOUT TO CRUSH ALL OF YOU LITTLE TINY VILLAGE PEOPLE WITH MY HUGE BODY. (I raise my foot what looks like it  was high enough to crush a skyscraper and down it went like I weighed 1 millions pounds, the soda can crunched like  the hundreds of bones in a human body .snapping ,cracking under the giants goddesses feet ) YES I WILL CRUSH YOU ALL.. ( and smashed another one)

USER: DO IT AGAIN ..WOW…that sound and visual .

ME:  ( I put a towel down and  I put another can of soda on the ground with the can upside down for no sharp edges  as well as the tomato ,  I turn around so that my ass which appears to be larger that an NFL stadium bend down towards the ground , I let my feet go forward and allow the heavy weight of the  giantesses ass destroy and crush anything underneath it ….. the sound of cracking and the sound of  gushing to add to the effect would turn him on so much …I got up and he saw the juices dripping from my giant ass ) NO ONE CAN HANDLE ALL THIS ! I’M BIGGER AND MORE POWERFUL  THAN YOU …YOU ARE POWERLESS TO ME !

user:  yes yes that its i cant hold it anymore i’m going to cum please eat me ..

me : ( i pull out a gummy bear and shape it real fast , I grab my camera as well as if he is being picked up and I have him traveling up my large body , pretending his is trying to wiggle out my giant hands ) DON’T YOU TRY TO ESCAPE I NEED TO EAT MY DELICIOUS HUMANS AND YOU LOOK TASTY .( I make it a slow process to travel all the way up my body  over the largest canal…..then the flat lands till he traveled over the large mountains.. till he  could feel the warmth of my  giant open  mouth . I opened really wide as if i’m about to swallow him .He can see my mouth and any imperfection in my teeth..I insert the deformed  gummy bear in my mouth ..  He can see the details of it being destroyed and grinding in my teeth ..all the while crushing the small cardboard box out of his site  .. the visual fades to pure black   as the webcam  zooms to the back of the throat .

User : I came so hard , I will be back .thank you .


He logs off  and I did as well . I took a quick  shower  before I went back online for the night , preposition my camera ,cleaned up and logged back on .  Needless to stay …he was a repeated customer for over a year. Those role plays are fun and creative. I sometimes need to take a shower after all the things I crush with my body and for other reasons as well  .

If you enjoyed my story on this fetish . I have more of this particular fetish  to share .Leave a comment .