User# 1 Stepmother Fantasy

One of my biggest requests online..and fantasy role play (which I have tons of   this stories  ) Is stepmother role play. I’m a webcam model in my 30’s so of course I  am ideal for MILF like fantasies . I am not complaining . I enjoy role play and this one is always hot and steamy .

What you are about to read was a real life online show between a paying member and myself.

I just got ready for my day,picked out my outfit a sexy thigh length pink satin robe .It felt  so smooth against my tan lines.My  clear 6 inch heels  made my pedicured feet shiny and smooth  against the webcam lights ….. I had my long blonde hair up in a loose bun .

I logged into my account and talked to a few members in free chat . One member was interested if I did step mother role play … (the site I work for strictly doesn’t allow us to do incense role play )

“oh yes hun ….” I say right away . “Its one of my top role play requests.”….a few seconds later the ding of my new private show is about to start .

User: hi … can we play  that you came into my room and caught me smelling your panties ?

me : ok naughty boy …… (and immediately go into character ) WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY ROOM !

user: im so embarrassed, I wont do it again .


user: im so hard , Im sorry .

ME: LET ME SEE ..YOUR JOKING!….YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF  ! ( i play out like im looking at it  and pleasantly surprised with a smile when i see it )WOW YOUR SO BIG .. YOUR BIGGER THAN YOUR FATHER.

user:  i dont know what to do with it

Me: let me help you with that…would like to smell the panties I have on right now? ( with a naughty smile on my face )

user: yes please:

me: smell it ( i act like im grabbing the back of his head and pulling his head gentle between my legs and i tilt my head back )

user: it smells so good

me: go ahead and let me feel that young tongue on my panties ( I start rubbing the panties with my fingers) get them wet hun a good boy for your stepmom .

user: can i get inside it ?

me: can you keep a secret? ( i put my index finger up to my lips to motion him to stay quite) shhhhhhhh….

user: yes ma’am Ill be a good boy

me:pull my panties off then ( i pull them off slowly, so he can visualize every inch of my mature thighs and every drop of   the  wetness in between them )

user: ohhh. ive been waiting so long for this .. I have been jerking off to you every night teasing me with your tight shirts and your short skirts when you bend over

me; come here baby, feel me ( I spread my juicy thighs open and grab a dildo and insert it slowly and moan from the hard pressure and the spread of my love)

User: faster I want to cum in you PLEASE1 i want to get you pregnant , dads going to be so mad

me: YOUR YOUNG COCK FEELS SO GOOD ! ( I scream it and move it faster then faster over and over again moaning loader with each inch inside me …I repeat this for a few minutes till he feels he has given it all he could )

User : im cumming !!

me : get your step mom pregnant  ( i moan and give it a few more stokes with my toy)

user : wow i just came everywhere (then he tipped me 10 dollars )

me : thank you baby,

user: thank you i will be back


He logged off …and I continued my day online .