user # 1 white Female cop searching for black cock

(dinged into a private show online )

User: I have a fantasy I would like you to do with me

me: ok hun what is it

User: since you have that cop uniform on I want  you to be a Chicago cop cause that is  where I am from and I want you to be a slutty aggressive officer and you go out on patrol every night looking for black cocks to fuck .

Me: you ready for your show hun?

User:: ohhh yahhh

Me:( I stand up and walk away from the camera so he can see my large 43 inch hip ratio … just to turn around and walk towards him and lean towards to the camera ..I am  imagining I am leaning into the window of his car ) Licesence and registration .

User: what seems to be the problem ?

Me:YOU KNOW WHAT ! get out of the car , walk towards the back of my squad car. NOW!

User: sure officer anything you say

ME: ( reenact me pushing up tightly behind him ) spread your legs . Let me feel for a few things .( I pretend to be patting his calves , then thighs….then reach right for his growing) WHAT IS THAT ?!

User: thats my JUNK

me: get in the back of my car NOW!

User: what?what did I do ?

Me: I will teach you about talking back to AN OFFICER OF THE LAW(  I pretend to push him in the back of the squad car with him laying on his back  and rip  down his pants )

user:  what are you doing?


user: yes mam

me: I LOVE FUCKING BLACK MEN WHILE IM ON DUTY..USING YOU GUYS ..TAKING ADVANTAGE OF YOU..TAKING ALL THE POWER AWAY FROM YOU.I SWEAR IF YOU TELL ANYONE WHAT I HAVE DONE TONIGHT ,I WILL LOCK YOU UP FOR GOOD.(I take my panties off under my short skirt uniform and spread my thighs over my black torso doll, He sees my wet pussy touch the tip of the black cock ..I slide slowly all the way down to the shaft )

user:i wont say anything , to anyone

ME: NOW FUCK ME LIKE THE SLUT COP YOU NOW KNOW I AM !FUCK ME WITH THAT HARD STEEL BLACK COCK ( I start riding the cock so hard my titties starting bouncing out of my uniform …my toy was getting so wet between my thighs ..moaning in pleasure) YES! GIVE ME ALL THE BLACK DICK!

(I slide off the black toy and turn around so that my large ass is facing him in reverse cowgirl position…and slide back on the huge black toy)


USER: Oh yes ..your going to make me cum …I am about to get you pregnant

( I slap my heavy ass back and forth and back and forth moaning louder and loader over and over till i hear him type again)

User: I came so hard all over that big white ass thank you (few seconds later he logged off )


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November Relationship Advice

would you like to cut your woman’s nagging/complaining down 80%?

Men……………. listen……………just listen to what she always complains about ….you might already know … can you change it easily ? or with a little effort you can do it?if its in reason..just try it for a month..the top 3 things she is always on you for ..Tell her your going to really try that month and actively do it.

Same for you ladies ..if you know the complaining is coming heavily from him ..find his top 3 things  and actively  try to correct it if its in reason .

Cuckold simple as black and White?

This request is always fun to do and surprised how many white men enjoy this and how many black men request it as well.

( I will be reenacting a real webcam show I did…. last cuckold role play show actually)


I had been online for a hour at most ..when I had a member ask me in free chat if I did cuckold role play and if I had a black toy to use. I responded with “yes” and he took me into private (paid show)


User: Ok I want to role play that you are my wife and we rented a hotel room and you get some black bulls to come back to our room after the club closes to use you.I just want to be watching and I will clean you up afterwards.

Me: ok hun let me get dressed up real slutty and go get me some black men to fuck.

(I started to change in front of the webcam ..I put on a light turquoise tube dress that showed off my size G breasts and my waist and 43 inch hips/ booty.I ran my hands slowly from my breast to my hips on both side …looking at the camera with intense slutty sex appeal ,biting my lower lip at the same time)

User: thats hot baby, those black guys are going to crazy for that big ass and big white titties …You have any  tan stockings?

Me: I cant wait to fuck these black guys in front of you hun…yes let me get those stocking

(I grab a large box of nylon stockings/pantyhose/bodysuits …need to stocked up with nylon which is a whole other fetish I will do later…..I grab tan stockings out of the box )

Me: watch me baby get ready to be used by these black men .(I sit on the bed and allow him to watch me slowly put on my tan stockings first the left foot .. pointing my toes as I slip the nylon over my heel and then over my calf till it rides all the way up to my thick warm thighs, I repeat that process on the right leg ..I grab some slutty high heels and slide them over my nylon feet) Im going to have fun hun I will be back later with some huge black cocks

User:  yes darling

Me:(leaving off cam for 5 seconds…I return  with  my black torso doll and a black dildo) HUNNY IMMMMM BBAAAACCKKK

User: yes Im so hard

Me: you just sit back and watch us….i want these black men to use your slutty white wife.

User: I want to clean you up after they cum all inside you with my tongue

Me: ( i put the doll on my bed and I start to straddle the torso doll and spitting on the dildo in my hand till its dripping wet ..I pull my panties under my tube dress to the side and slide on top of the large black cock all the while I am sliding the other toy into my mouth ..I moan over and over and over again sucking and riding with rhythmic   strokes  ) YES Fuck me !!! fuck me harder than my husband ..use his wife!!

User: precum is already dripping ..those big cocks are going crazy for you .

Me: (I turn over so he can see my big ass clapping against the black cock … hear the slapping as I go up and down and up and down ..over and over again .)

user:Oh shit I came everywhere

me: clean me up too..they both came deep in your wife

user: yes baby …….wow …..that was so much fun. See you later have to get back to work.


He logged off.


I often wondered if this  fantasy is based on the myth that black mean are larger than white men. Its been my experience (from many cam to cam interaction over the years that white men and black men tend to be the same size …. but I have notice  that a smaller majority of white men are either extremely bigger than any ethnicity I have ever seen ..yes I am saying that the top 3 largest penises I have seen on webcam have been white men….But I am also saying the smallest penises I have ever seen have been white men (and a few  Arab men ) but those men typically want me to do SPH (small penis humiliation )..

So in conclusion from my observations over the years.. Black men seem to keep a more consistent size of around 7-10 inches in average .


Im sure the fantasy is a little different for everyone ..what one likes the next person doesn’t ….but it sure is fun to role play .