Relationship advice : January

Get these 3 main things together before starting a relationship : ( male and female)

*Financial State******Get your finances in order!! make sure your alright . nobody wants someone that can’t even do for themselves … would you benefit someone else?

*Emotional state******* Make sure your loving yourself first , clear your future of the past bullshit , keep it in the past .work on issues and fix them so you dont bring it in the next relationship .

*Physical state***** yes physical , no one is going to take care of your body but you ! if you have medical needs that need to be worked on (AKA high blood pressure etc … learn ways to take charge and control it if you can …It will allow you to set priorities in life only have on physical life .So take care of yourself hun !

Horny MILF neighbor Roleplay

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I got dressed in a black satin button up , my large G size breasts having a hard time containing themselves between buttons and inside my black satin bra .my pencil skirt hugs my curves just right to extenuate my 43 inch hip ratio and 30 inch waist.I ran my hand down the side of my body the feel of the shirt was like pure silk so soft my hands ran like water down it  till it reached my birthing hips and thighs.I put on black pumps and ran to the bathroom to check my make up and gave myself a little naughty smile as I saw my reflection …OHHH I looked naughty today.


I sat down on the bed in front of the computer and I turned on my webcam .I was live and this is one of my shows from that day…

The ding signaled I was no longer in free chat and now in a private with my member

User #1: I have a fantasy ..would you be my  horny MILF neighbor ?

me: yes hun , you ready ?

(this is a member I have played with many times, in fact he requested I put this on my blog know who you are and here is your fantasy again )

User: (knocking on door )

me: Hi can I help you?

User: yah my car broke down in the parking lot and I was wondering if I could use your phone ?

me: sure of course come on in

user: thanks, Im your neighbor down the hall, wow your really pretty

me: thank you hun , would you like to have a seat on the couch ? ( i point to the side of my bed)

user: yes thank you

me : can I sit by you ? ( with a flirty smile and my sultry voice)

user:yes of course its your place

me:I try to be a good neighbor but I have to admit your really hot, do you like older woman ?

user: oh yes

me oh really ? :can I put my hand right here? (like im rubbing on   his leg )

user: this is making me hard

me: its making me wet..look…….. see………, (i pull up my skirt a little and  slide my panties to the side to show him ) you can touch me if you like…..

user:I want to fuck you hard..give you this young cock.

me: ( i pull my panties off under my skirt and lift my skirt up over my hips )I get all the way on the bed and have my ass sitting on my feet like I am on top of him ) I am so horny for some young cock right now.. (I grab a dildo and rub it against my pussy ) you feel how wet it is ? stick it in my mature pussy

user: let me see baby (he referenced a better camera angle)

me : ( I move the camera down a little bit so its a closer view of my lips opening up  and wrapping around the realist looking dildo ..i start to moan as the pressure is inserted deeper and deeper ……) Yes give me that cock, use that pussy ..yes dont stop ( I continue to moan and I start to take it out and back in faster and faster )I haven’t been fucked in so long.( and started to moan again )

user: ride me baby

me: (I move the camera back so he can see my whole body …….. I start bouncing as my body lubricates the toy ) my heavy boobs about the bust out the shirt and bra from the ride)

user: yes let the those girls out I want to feed on them

Me: (unbuttons the middle buttons to expose my large chest that have now bounced out of my bra..I grab them with both of my hands and squeeze lightly and leaned to the camera even closer ) ohhhh yes suck them good..let me feed you till you cum .

(I continue to moan and bounce up and down over and over again  till he responded )

user: thank you baby your the best ..I came so hard.

me: (smiling ) anytime hun (and i blew him a kiss)


He logged off and I put my clothes back on and entered back into free chat.There he was again and had a simple request in free chat.

User: Merrae can you put the  show we just did on your blog ?

Me : yes hun I will.