user # 1 pleasing the woman

the private ding came into my room online …signaling I had a member ready to play


user : hello

me: hi hun how are you?

user:im good now

(i smile and thank him for the compliment )

me:what are you in the mood for ?I will please you anyway I can

user: I really just want to please you (instant turn on for me .I can feel my body reacting to that sentence alone )

me : would you like me to get my toys?

user: only if you want

me: (reaching for my vibrator ..i turn it on and seduce him with it by placing it next to every body part i reveal to him tan thighs rubbing lighty against the vibration till it lands in the inner core of my southern lips) you like that?

user: wow yes !

me: (i start playing with me large chest …first squeezing them hard while rocking back and forth on my toy…i squeeze my warm big chest together and start licking my left nipple with my warm wet mouth ……..a few minutes later after intense rubbing and repeating the cycles of making love to myself………….)im ready to cum all over you!!!!!! (im screaming and moaning )

user:   do it baby Im ready too

Me: ( I burst with sensations running down the thigh….followed by complete exhaustion ) ohhh my god hun..thank you !!!!!

user: thank you hun, your the best thanks for the show.

he logged of private chat…..i logged off too..simple to take a break and recharge my body for the next show…sometimes it amazes me that I get paid to please myself …not complaining at all with those shows .