Best webcam toys…. webcamming starter pack- Female Nude Models

So every webcam model should be prepared as much as possible to her/his show … problem is can you really be prepared ?? The true answer is no .

But a started pack will help you go along way ..some items you might already own and some will probably be new to you..Having a few of these items have got me through a few years of webcamming .(ok webcamming is supposedly not a word)..but It is now ..hahahh.

so just click on the picture ……Ive already found you some of best deals .

If you plan on doing nude vaginal shows . Click on these must haves..a black dildo (less than $20 online here) large

 a white dildo (less than $20)large

a small dildo (less than $10) small
Now there is so many fun toys to get but lets just stay focused on the starter packs .

If you plan on doing anal shows , I suggest you use a toy that will solely  be used for this part of the show.. and one that doesnt have a large “head” makes anal shows less painful or irritating. as well as a anal butt plug.Jewel ones are currently popular online

. Jewel Butt plug ($21 dollars )


also Nylon fetishes are a big deal in the webcamming  world  …so stock up on stockings!!!

Now outfits are another important aspect…But that will be based on what you feel sexy in and what your special members might request .

But all those toys for less than $100 USD will get you far. With the webcamming start up pack!!!

(Now view previous post of the equipment needed to start up )…..have a great day everyone .