camgirl tip of the day

ok so my number 1 question i get is thisĀ  …..

what do you do during your period ?help me please.


you have a few options and do what works for you.

1st – you can opt out of working during that time ….but since many do not have the luxury of doing this …

2nd – tampons and inserting it higher inside the vaginal wall with the string.(don’t insert so far up you cant get it later)It can be tricky if you are doing vaginal toys with your shows…in that case pretending to insert and hiding that secret by body positioning is possible….

3rd- dont do vaginal shows that week.opt to do fetishes or other parts of your body…

4th- menstrual cups ..they work for some woman and can use certain toys with no problem .(click picture to order)

5th-.vaginal sponges (click picture to order)

6th- and last option for this post is birth control methods that are know to stop periods.please consult a doctor about this first.


and thats the post on the dreaded period week.hope that helps…leave a comment or idea below .